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What is Qwo and who is a good candidate for Qwo? Qwo is the first FDA approved medication to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of women. More than 50% of women report feeling bothered by cellulite. Until now there have only been temporary or surgical options for treatment. Qwo is a non surgical treatment, consisting of small injections that are thought to release the fibrous bands that give us that “tethered” appearance, redistribute fat cells, and stimulate the growth of new collagen, allowing for a true smoother buttocks. Qwo can be used in all ages (18 and above), sizes/weight, ethnic backgrounds, and skin types with lasting results. The best candidate are women with moderate to severe “dimpling,” which allows us the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

Cellulite Treatment Specialists

Results of Qwo?

Cellulite is graded on a 0-4 scale, zero being no cellulite with three to four being moderate to severe.  

Qwo typically shows a two grade improvement following their protocol.

How many sessions will I need for visible cellulite reduction?

The protocol is for three treatments total, three weeks apart, with your optimal results 71 days from start to finish! 

What should I expect during my treatment?

At each visit we will take photos and the areas of treatment will be marked, so that we have consistency and agreement in the areas that we treat.   This will also allow us to see the progression of your results. 

During the treatment you will be lying on your stomach. 

The injections take only 5-10 minutes for 12-24 total injections.  

After your treatment you’ll need to lay flat for an additional 5 minutes before you are up off the table, dressed and out the door!

Is there any downtime or side effects?

Typically there is no true downtime.  

What is typical is bruising that can be significant, the discomfort has been reported as mild.   

Each following treatment the side effects lesson significantly. 

What Are The Contraindications?

Bleeding disorder or on blood thinners.  A daily baby aspirin is fine.   Pregnant or breastfeeding.  And obviously an allergy to Qwo.

What Are The Causes of Cellulite?

Thin skin.

Fat cells enlarge and push against the skin.

Fibrous bands under the skin thicken with age.

Cellulite IS NOT FAT. You can reduce it’s appearance with weight loss, but you can’t get rid of it.

Can Qwo only be used on the buttocks of women?

At this time Qwo is only FDA approved for women’s buttocks.  ENDO, the makers of Qwo are working on approval in other areas of the body.

How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

Wear thong underwear.  Avoid anti inflammatories (Motrin, ibuprofen, etc), fish oil, alcohol before your visit to decrease bruising.


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