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Certified Clinical Medical Assistant 

Anh Phan earned her Certified Medical Assistant designation from Pima Medical Institute, and has been working closely with the exceptional, skilled staff at Ageless Expressions MedSpa from the start of her externship into her now full-time professional career. She is so eager to learn with such an impressive work ethic that Anh has traveled to learn BioTE and EvolveX  techniques. She applies this enthusiasm to helping her amazing guests-she will quickly learn how to serve you best. Altogether, when you provide her knowledge of your passion for your own health and wellness, she will combine that with her fresh perspective and innate altruism to create something truly transformative, empowering, and uniquely you.





Certified Clinical Medical Assistant 

Xavia Herbert earned her Certified Medical Assistant certification from Pima Medical Institute, and has worked with the highly skilled staff at Ageless Expressions MedSpa since her internship through present. She is a dedicated, resourceful, agile learner, and she successfully funnels her impressive personality and drive into providing the best service and creating the best results for all her patients at Ageless Expressions MedSpa. Her treatments focuses on one of her many specialties: especially after seeing the immense confidence, value, and purpose they revitalizes in her patients. In addition to her strong work ethic and technical expertise, you will enjoy her infectious, bubbly personality, and you will naturally leave with a smile—she maintains that promise even if you try Botox! Over time, she has grown an affinity for and developed her skills in assisting in other incredible treatments for her patients, such as BioTE. Her aptitude is immense, and she loves hearing all your ideas so she can help curate future solutions across all Ageless Expressions MedSpa’s current services and advocate for innovative new ones. Ultimately, her innate altruistic nature fortifies her passion for helping her patients, and her kinesthetic learning style means working hands on with you will only increase your health and wellness results as you become a more tenured patient at Ageless Expressions MedSpa. 




Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Jannine earned her Certified Medical Assistant certificate from Pima Medical Institute, August 2018. She worked in Internal Medicine before joining the highly skilled staff at Ageless Expressions MedSpa. She has brought her pride in patient relationships and eagerness to learn to our team. Jannine’s warm and welcoming personality will make you feel comfortable and confident from the minute you walk into our office. Jannine is a wonderful listener, with a primary focus in assisting with the achievement of your ideal look and custom designed treatment plan! She excels in assisting our providers in all treatments preformed here at Ageless Expressions and is eager and devoted to continuing education and the continued success of our patients.





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