The O-Shot Procedure Explained


SOCIAL MESSAGING: Got intimacy issues? The O-Shot is here to the rescue! This non-surgical procedure helps improve female sexual pleasure and well-being by injecting platelets into the clitoris, labia, and G-Spot. This revolutionary, innovative rejuvenation procedure is the newest development in women's health care. Learn more and feel the difference with this unique treatment at Ageless Expressions before you make a decision! #OShot  #SexualWellBeing #Rejuvenate

Female sexual dysfunction is a rather prevalent problem. About 40% of sexually active adult females encounter intimacy problems.

Ageless Expressions recommends the O-shot to amplify and rejuvenate orgasm-producing vaginal tissue. Aside from hormonal or psychologic therapies, the clinic offers an O-shot procedure that benefits women.

Read on to better understand what O-shot is, its medical outcomes, and its side effects.

O-Shot: What is it?

What is the O-shot procedure? The orgasm shot or the O-Shot procedure is a non-surgical medical undertaking that improves female sexual well-being and pleasure. 

The O-Shot procedure is a medical procedure that uses platelets, which include the healing proteins known as the growth factors. The procedure, a platelet-rich plasma therapy for females, involves an injection of platelets into your clitoris, labia, and G-spot. 

The procedure results in the development of new nerves and blood vessels.

Tips for the Procedure :  

What is the Procedure Like?

Now that you are here, you may wonder, "what is the O-shot procedure like?" Well, this is a procedure that takes place in a centrifuge and entails drawing a patient's blood from the arm. The platelet-rich plasma is isolated from the blood.

The white blood cell injection improves lubrication and sensitivity. Once successful, the platelets are injected into the clitoris and the ceiling of the vagina. The entire process should last around 30 minutes.

When platelets are injected into a damaged area of the body, they help in recovery. Up to 35 distinct therapeutic chemicals or growth factors are released at that time. The therapeutic chemicals have some healing and restorative qualities. Hence, the efficacy of the O-shot procedure.

When Do You See Results?

The effects of O-shot are apparent in three distinct periods:

  1. You will feel more sensation in the treated region for the first 3 to 7 days because of the fluid injection itself.
  2. The formation of new tissue starts at around three weeks.
  3. It continues for the next nine weeks before reaching its peak at three months.

The O-shot procedure results in increased sexual arousal, and you may also experience better lubrication, heightened sexual desire, and increased orgasms for at least a year.

Side Effects and How to Manage Them

The following side effects are probable. Except for ejaculatory orgasm, the effects go away without medical intervention:

Some other side effects of the treatment, though not common, include:

Scientifically, the O-Shot procedure has not been linked to any long-term negative effects.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been demonstrated to be effective and free of serious side effects. It is used in aesthetic procedures in the fields of orthopedics, dental surgery, and wound care. The best form of management is to follow doctors' orders and report any issues that arise.

Find Out if the O-Shot is Right for You

Do you struggle with poor sexual desire and a lack of vaginal sensitivity? The O-Shot might be exactly what you need.

Contact the friendly team at Ageless Expressions to determine if the O-shot is right for you. Our medical-grade skincare clinics have two locations near the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood metro, serving clients in Littleton and Golden, CO.

Schedule a discrete consultation at one of our reputable locations today.

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