60 Year Old -Kelly- BioTE

Hello Becky, I need to thank you.  The pellet treatment I received from you has changed my life, it has given me back my life.  Without it there was no quality left, now thanks to you I am myself again.  I can’t thank you enough for everything you do.  Thank you!

56 Year Old -Sean- BioTE

Well I don’t really get the deal but I haven’t hurt or been sore at all.  Slept like a baby first time in forever.  Got up once for just a couple minutes.  Excited for the possibility of extra good things but mostly the peaceful clarity I always possessed.  It’ll be interesting to see what the next 4 weeks brings.

54 Year Old -Tina- BioTE

“That is awesome!! I can sure tell the difference.I appreciate your help on getting me back to normal. Thanks again”

42 Year Old -Mark- BioTE

“I am feeling pretty good. More energy. Mentally is where I’ve noticed the most difference. Feel more leveled out not up and down. I am passing information onto a boss who does shots every two weeks. Hopefully he will call you.”

36 Year Old -Jane- BioTE

“Hi Becky!!I will go get my labs today. I have not made time to do so yet.You should know I’m feeling absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe. I have been smoking a great deal but I”m putting that down as of today. So I might need to come in at the beginning of Jan to get new pellets but then they should last longer b/c NO SMOKING for me 🙂 yay!!!! I feel good! I have told two of my girlfriends about the pellets and they were maybe going to contact you. Thank you so much for the reminder and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!”

23 Year Old -Jack- SculpSure

I work out 5 days a week and for the most part I am in really good condition except my abs.  I have a stubborn belly that no matter how hard I work on it, it never gives me the results I want.  I don’t want to use chemicals and supplements so I tried SculpSure and it really works.  After 12 weeks I don’t have that stubborn area anymore and my workouts seem to be easier when doing my abs.

55 Year Old -Rich- BioTE

Hi Becky, Just wanted you to know that my husband is already feeling the effects and it’s only been 2 days!  By the way the gout in his toe is going down too!

55 Year Old -Carol- Mona Lisa Touch

“Good Afternoon! Finally! I would say 80% more comfortable!!!!! Slight discomfort (it has been a long time) but nothing like the last time. Woo Hoo!!!” – after one treatment

55 Year Old -Penni- BioTE

“I’m doing very well, and feeling so much better. My energy level has gone up greatly and can really feel the difference.”

58 Year Old -Stacey- BioTE

“Hi Becky, I’ll get my labs done this week. I’m doing fine. More energy, no night sweats, sleeping better, sex is better. “

43 Year Old -Gary- BioTE

“Wow, I am REALLY surprised to see that my number is 1180?!? I was thinking it wouldn’t get that high. My mood is substantially better, I am waking up earlier and feeling better than ever in the AM, my energy level is up and I really feel great. This has fixed almost everything that I came to see you for! However, I still don’t feel like I am quite “there” on the sexual side of things (or maybe it’s not matching the great effects I am having for the other things)… and it’s definitely not meeting the results that my friend *** says he got.. but I am thinking that it’s b/c of the nicotine. Speaking of which, I started quitting the day I saw you and am on my last week (I am using the patches to quit). Also, I have been in the gym for about a week, which i think will also help a lot — as you said it would.. I just need to get over being so sore that I can’t brush my teeth. ;-p I am also taking the vitamins religiously.”

35 Year Old -Kevin- SculpSure

Thank you Becky, my love handles are becoming less and less.  I can see the difference 1st week.  My clothes feel better and I am starting to even workout again.  I feel better and look better.  Thank you!

52 Year Old -Sally- BioTE

Since I have been on BioTE, I have felt wonderful, like myself again!  I have more energy and have lost weight.  I am so glad that I was told about BioTE.

55 Year Old -Holly- Mona Lisa Touch

“I have noticed a BIG change with the laser tx… Definitely a big fan of that. My other menopause symptoms have definitely decreased. I am very happy I saw you… Thank you for helping me out, I really appreciate it. “

63 Year Old -Sherri- BioTE

“I definitely feel much better, have more energy, and am pleased with the results.”

Physician’s Assistant -Tami-

“You are welcome for the referrals. It’s SO fulfilling to see patients feeling better and have them express it!! “ Referring Physician’s Assistant and Female client

54 Year Old -Marlana- Injections

Thank you so much for my lips!  I love them.  I always noticed my top lip was smaller then my bottom lip and I really wanted them the same and now they are and they look fantastic.  Thank you!

67 Year Old -Chris- BioTE

“I saw a noticeable increase in energy after hormone therapy which really allowed me to live my life again.”

48 Year Old -Carrie- SculpSure

Stomach is looking so much better.  My clothes go on without a fight.  I want to do this again I love the results!

50 Year Old -Paul- BioTE

Just wanted to say it’s only been 3 days and I swear I feel better.  I have more energy and the fogginess in my head seems to be going away.  I think it is the pellets or the B12!

54 Year Old -Kim- Mona Lisa Touch

“Not only did I notice a difference, but my husband did too!”

59 Year Old -Janet- BioTE

“This really helps relationships! I don’t know why this isn’t out there more?”

55 Year Old -Susan- BioTE

“I’m doing well with the pellet. The hot flashes are gone!!!!! Yay! Consequently I’m sleeping better! (my boyfriend reminded me of that.) My joints are so much better. I can walk down the stairs in the morning without hanging on to the rail and the wall. Also I noticed that when I’m working, my joints aren’t popping all the time like they had been. I think my thinking/memory is better. That one is harder to identify. And…now that I think about it, my libido has increased! That one is particularly fun.”

53 Year Old -Lisa- BioTE

I am feeling more energy and wake up ready for the day instead of wishing I could stay in bed.  I sleep great which could explain the waking up ready for the day.  I don’t feel as stressed anymore.  I have quit smoking, I guess when you want to be healthy you go all the way!  I am working out at the gym again which is helping as you said it would.  I have not had a hot flash in awhile and no headaches.  Doing great and I have you to thank!

54 Year Old - Tammy - SculpSure

I have had stubborn fat around my waist that exercise and diet have not helped.  I have had one treatment with SculpSure and I can see the difference in just a few days.  It was amazing.

K - BioTE Client

“Becky is the Best! Always feel comfortable when she administers the BioTe Pellet. And she freely answers all my questions. Would never be without the pellet!

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